First, we have a major motor shortage.  We have been offering motors for quite a few years now and never have experienced a shortage like this.  If you have ordered a motor from us and you didn't get one in your box, we will be sending you an E-mail this week, with an offer for a refund.  Or you can wait it out. 

Second, for years we have been burning CD's with instructions and decals on them for our customers and have included them in our kits.  We have completed the transition of going away from physical media and highlighting the ability to download your instructions as you need them.  Being an internet based company, to order from us, well, you have to have access to the internet, so why in the world are we burning hundreds of CD's?  

So there you have it.  Nothing terribly sexy, but just a big problem (motors) and a slight change in what is included in your box.